W H O  I S  F R A N K  G R E E N E ?


FGB have supported acts such as The Blockheads, New Street Adventure, PP Arnold and played at numerous festivals around the UK including Carfest South 2018.

Writing Songs  packed with infectious melodies, inescapable hooks and more energy on stage and on record than any band should rightfully own.  Frank Greene Band has developed into a wonderful funk and soul family, with the amazing vocals of Danny, Ruby, Gemma, Catherine & Sonja, the groovesome bass extraordinaire Karl, funky drummer Nick, awesome guitarist Dan and our lovable nimble fingered keys player Ash.

M E E T  T H E  B A N D


R U B Y – R O S E :


Ruby Rose “…was born by the river….” to a choir singer and gospel guitarist. Bearing in mind her addiction to American black music show, Soul Train, from an early age, it is hardly surprising she stayed firmly on a musical path as a soul and funk singer.

From touring Europe with her school jazz band to performing musical theatre and even a guest feature on David Scinto’s (Screen Writer of Sexy Beast) album ‘Gold, Oil & Drugs’, there is not much Ruby cannot turn her hand to.

Big things come in small packages and despite her petiteness, Ruby has earned the moniker of ‘The Pocket Rocket’; delivering blisteringly energetic performances every time she takes to the stage.


D A N N Y   V I C E :

Danny Dark Cropped

Danny Vice must have been born with a melody in his mouth as his mother said he was always singing before he could talk. With his unquenchable thirst for harmony, melody and a beautiful song, Danny formed his first band when he was 10 and has been working on musical projects ever since, always looking for the next great musical adventure.

Whilst being in several bands throughout his career, he has also been a session singer for Jazz artist Jo Hall and provided guest vocals and performed live with Funk outfit The Impellers on their last album and tour. Danny has also lent his vocal skills and guitar to other artists whilst being attached to recording studio and label ‘Round the Corner Records’.

Oh, and Danny Vice is his real name. No, really!


G E M   T U R N E R :


Gem has collaborated with producers nationally and internationally lending her neo- soul vibe to the  D’n’ B and elctro-house circut,  as well as working on her solo project.

Bringing a more contemporary flavour to the Frank Greene Band with influences being Jill Scott, D’angelo, Floetry, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill as well as the classics of Otis Redding and Ray Charles, Gemma continues to dazzle with her raw soul power and infectious tone.


C A T H E R I N E   R A Y :


Catherine’s love of music and singing started at a young age, listening to her dad rehearsing and singing along to his choir pieces. With Classic FM on the radio every day Catherine grew to love choral music and continued down that path for many enjoyable years, and even as a shy child, she found her natural home up on stage with performing being something she loved.

From singing in musical theatre, choirs, creating music with friends, and now singing with the Frank Greene Band, Catherine’s musical journey is an exciting one and she’s loving every second!


S O N J A  T U R N E R :


Sonja cut her teeth on Soul (Classic/Northern/Philly), Motown, Disco and Funk and the house was constantly full of sweet soul vibes when growing up. Her greatest teachers weren’t at school but on record; Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes to name a few of the faculty.

After a few years in the musical wilderness, Sonja’s passion for singing was re-ignited when she joined ‘Soul Sisters’; a local, all-female harmony group. “It was fun and vibrant and reminded me what I had always known; if I want to feel fully alive, I need to sing.” And that is just what she is doing with the Frank Greene Band.


K A R L  W A L I N E T S :  B A S S


Karl is a multi-instrumentalist with various claims to almost-fame including tours and gigs with David J. (formerly Bauhaus), P.J. Harvey, Asian Dub Foundation, Talvin Singh, John Cooper Clarke, Nick Turner (Hawkwind) plus many more. He has recorded for many record labels including Acid Jazz, Polygram and M.C.A. as well as providing his songwriting talents for bands and artist. He has provided his musical talents for documentaries and theatre and has appeared on MTV and BBC.

Karl has performed to audiences of 20 to 20,000 people throughout his extensive and impressive career and the Frank Greene Band are proud to have him slapping his bass just for them!


A S H – K E Y S :


Ash has been playing keys for so long he can barely remember a time when he didn’t. He can play almost anything you throw at him and always has a great idea hidden up his sleeve, ready to offer just at the right time. He also has a huge collection of YouTube videos ready to watch just when the band needs a little lift at a late night rehearsal.







D A N  N I X O N – E L E C T R I C  G U I T A R :